Metering Pumps

Our company specializes in chemical metering pumps repair such brands as Rexroth/Hydromatik, Samhydraulik/Brevini I Rotary Power as well as: Krauss Maffei, Hennecke, Cannon e.t.c Pumps repair includes diagnostics, verification of the pump condition and repair quote that restores the unit's factory condition. Pumps after repair are tested on a test bench to have a 100% guarantee of repair effectiveness.

Repair time: From the moment you contact us until your repaired pump leaves our shop, we focus on getting you up and running as soon as possible. Repairs can generally take a few days to several weeks depending on size and complexity. Our highly skilled team ensures the swiftest turnaround time feasible for your repairs. To ensure fast, reliable service, we maintain an extensive stock of commonly used spare parts and we work with a trusted of OEM parts suppliers.

Warranty: We provide warranties comparable to those of the original pump manufacturers. Manflex warrants all products we repair or remanufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions and proper application for 9 months after installation on a machine or 18 months from the date of shipment.

To ship a Pump or Mixing Head to Manflex, please follow these steps:
  • Contact our service department to report the type of component and conditions of the failure.
  • Our service department will provide you with specific shipping information.
  • Please package pump/mixing head in a suitable container to prevent possible further damage during shipping.
  • Please include a Material Safety Data Sheet for units that have been used with chemicals.
  • When the component arrives, Manflex technicians will disassemble and clean it to assess its condition.
  • A written estimate and approximate delivery date will be promptly forwarded to you for approval.
  • We require a purchase order to begin a rebuild.
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